After a very low 2 years in my life due to unforeseen circumstances, of which are still ongoing, I decided to take control of the way I felt by pushing myself with my schoolwork, my fitness and my eating in order to feel my best. Prior to making this change, I had no self confidence, no ambitions and did the bare minimum I could to get by, I relied on short term satisfactions (no I was not an alcoholic at 14, or on cocaine) such as my phone, binge eating food, and doing no work whatsoever; as anything other than that felt mentally tough to endure. However, making this change for myself gave me a sense of control and determination to do the best I can for myself.

Since I began to make this change in September 2016, I have been training 5-6 times a week in the gym with weightlifting and conditioning training alongside some running, it’s a kind of ‘therapy’ for me and is my way of releasing and de-stressing from everything going on in life and gives me a sense of self-control and confidence. Training was the catalyst for all changes in ambitions and productivity which carried over into my A-Level work. I was predicted and targeted CCC in my A-Levels, however have recently achieved AAA* in my mocks and am hoping to study Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Nottingham, for which I need AAB. Training has given me a strong discipline which has carried over into my work and has really taught me that working hard when you really don’t want to is what gives me the greatest satisfaction alongside the importance of planning and structuring your work to lead to the best results. I have a fixed morning routine inclusive of meditating, a walk with an audio book / podcast and getting 40 minutes of work done before I leave the house, to create the whole supposed ‘snowball effect’ (sorry I know that sounds hippie). Anyway, all of this has taught me the importance of taking responsibility for your actions and that you are in control of your outcome.

My mindset and mentality has taken a massive turn for the best the past 3 years and it was all down to me making a change for myself in order for me to feel the best I can, I am passionate about showing people that no matter how low you are feeling, it is possible to get out of that state, It just takes some small changes of behaviours and small challenges every day that you know will help you feel the best in the long term. Training was the catalyst to all of these changes and still remains as a way to seriously test myself everyday, and push past those mental barriers and show myself that I am capable. The circumstances which lead me to that horrible state previously are still ongoing, however taking control and responsibility of the way I feel & my success was one of the hardest yet best things I ever did.

Ok that’s great, but how is any of this relevant to running 10k every day for 30 days?

For me, training has always been about mentally pushing myself and an escape from everything else going on, running 10k every day for 30 days quite frankly terrifies me, but also excites me as I know am capable but with running especially, the mind gives up way before the body. Running is probably my least favourite form of training, but I want to challenge myself mentally and get myself out of my comfort zone. I know there are people who do this anyway with it not being a ‘challenge’, but for me it is and I want to show myself and other people that sometimes you just need to get out of your head and do what you know will make you feel good long term.

I am going to be squeezing this in alongside revision and work for my A-levels, continuing with my strength training 3-5 times a week, whilst also trying to get 6-7 hours of sleep a night. I know this is all possible by just being strict with my time management and also sleep deprivation makes you delirious and increases adrenaline levels so I won’t realise how insane I am. That’s the plan x

This will begin on 4th March 2019 and will be keeping accountable via Instagram (@mmofit).

I am raising money for Leeds Mind and would be so grateful if you could donate.

Thank you Mia