1. Why are Touchstone, Leeds mind and Community Links changing their current mental health services?
    In Leeds the current mental health services have been the same for a long time. The commissioner for all of these services has asked them to work together more closely to improve the way we enable you to get the support you need. We have bought in new charities and organisations to help us deliver this fantastic mental health support. This means going forwards that there will be one service in Leeds to support people with their mental health instead of lots of different services. This will also include lots of new partners. This service will have one name, one number, one referral form and you will only need to be assessed once. This should make it easier for people who need help with their mental health to get the right support.
  2. Will my current support change as a result of the new service starting?The new service will offer a range of different support such as groups, drop in support 7 days a week including evening and weekends, befriending and one to one support. Individuals who currently receive support will need to be reviewed before the new service starts to make sure they are receiving the most appropriate level of support for you
  3. Will my support worker change?
    There is a possibility that your support worker may change due to the new partnerships being formed in the new service and the new ways support is offered. There will be much more choice of new groups or support from the new services available. Or you may continue to access the same support and have a new worker. Any changes will be communicated to you as clearly as possible.
  4. I go to a Touchstone, Leeds Mind or Community Links building at the moment. Will this change?There will be some changes to current groups that are run by Touchstone, Leeds Mind and Community Links and some of these groups will end. We will make sure that any changes made, that the people using services will be consulted and their views taken into account. People accessing services that are eligible for the new service will still continue to access support and will be transferred across. The new service will be working with new partners and this means that there will also be new groups across the city to access alongside groups run by Touchstone, Leeds Mind and Community Links. Our aim is to keep groups and other support running if they are working well and helping people with their wellbeing.
  5. How do I find out more?
    The new service will be discussed at relevant service user involvement meetings at Community Links, Leeds Mind and Touchstone. We will also have a monthly service user engagement meetings if you want to choose to get involved in stating the new service.

Your worker will keep you informed and we will send you another letter before any final decisions or changes are made. Also, there will be lots of opportunities for service users who are interested to meet with Touchstone, Leeds Mind and Community Links managers and staff to tell us your views and ideas before any decisions are taken shaping the way the new services delivers support.

When will these changes take place?

The new service will launch 1st April 2019, and further communications will happen between now and then.

What about my data?

In line with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations the partnership will contact individual service users across the partnership to consult with them on a transition of personal information.

What happens next?

There will be monthly service user engagement meetings with different co-productions opportunities. If you would like to get involved please speak with your worker if you want to get involved.

We have also set up an email address called for anyone to send questions or ideas too.

For your information, Leeds Mind Peer Support and Inkwell groups/ activities are under review and we are looking at what we offer from the 1st of April and beyond. We will keep you informed over the coming weeks, please look out for information on our website and noticeboards or via your Leeds Mind contact.