Keeping the faith during lockdown

Social distancing restrictions during lockdown have limited our social interactions at places like restaurants, cinemas and shops. Many of these things we have been able to do without during this time, but people of faith have had to find other ways to observe their services and maintain their community. Here, Mandy Williams, a Peer Support worker at Leeds Mind, shares her personal experience of keeping the faith during lockdown, as churches and other religious buildings begin to reopen their doors.

I have a Christian Faith and regularly attend my lovely little church. However ‘going to church’ has been very different during the coronavirus lockdown. Going to church now involves live video, small daily blogs to read, vlogs to follow and Zoom chats and discussions!  Very different and challenging to me as I am more of a ‘techno…no, no, no thank you very much’ type of a person, and find tech quite scary. But hey, I can go to Church from the comfort of my own sofa in my PJs if I want to (bottoms only of course when using Zoom – my top half will be in my Sunday best!)

Joining in with things at church through lockdown, even virtually, has been really helpful for me.  It is so good just to hear others talking and to see the faces of people I miss and care about, which then encourages me to push myself to join in again. I love being able to see that they are ok.

As a Christian it is really important to meet up and spend time with other Christians to simply talk and share our Faith together as peers. I have gained strength from doing this and been reminded that no matter what God loves me and I am never alone.

Another huge part of my Faith is prayer. I often pray (well, moan and groan and basically chat to God), as for me it is simply about spending time with God. Even people of no Faith can sometimes find that prayer helps, especially in difficult situations or strange times like those we are in now. Those of other Faiths I’m sure have also found comfort in their beliefs, peers and prayers.

I am really looking forward to meeting my church face to face in our building and though it does seem far away at present… is something that I won’t take for granted in the future. I feel blessed to be part of church and be part of Leeds Mind, and I encourage any of you to look into my Faith if you are curious.