Need Something to Make You Smile Today? The Cat Over the Road Is Called Walter

Social isolation has given us all more time for reflection (providing you haven’t become a full-time home-school teacher).

But Leeds Mind Office Manager, Sian Cosgrove, had been wondering for a while: “What’s the name of the handsome boy that lives over the road…?”

It wasn’t a love interest she’d been distracted by, but the “majestic” black and white cat that had taken to basking in the window opposite.

In the boredom of lockdown, Sian decided to take action and drafted a sign to stick up in her window: “What is the black and white cat called?”. She didn’t expect a reply, but the neighbours soon answered: ‘Walter’.

Buoyed by the response, Sian complimented: “great name, Walter is a handsome boy.” The neighbours passed along Walter’s appreciation: “He says ‘thank you’”.

Feeling “chuffed” that the neighbours had posted something back, Sian shared the exchange on Twitter.

Apparently, a great many people agreed that Walter is indeed a very handsome boy, as the post has now had more than 1.2million Likes, and over 250,000 Retweets. Sian’s story has since been featured on the BBC, ITV News and the Yorkshire Evening Post.

You can see the full Twitter thread here, where Sian has been inundated with pictures of other people’s cats, in appreciation of her budding friendship with Walter. Sian said: “I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams the sheer number of cats I’ve seen in the last 24hrs and for that I will forever be thankful.”

And we’ll be forever thankful for you making us smile during a difficult time, Sian. And to Walter too, obviously. Both are great examples of how we as human beings (and cats!) can stay socially connected, whilst remaining at arm’s length.