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Barber Project

The Barber Project seeks to work with barbers to improve their confidence around the mental health conversations many of them are already having with their customers.

This will create safe, communal spaces in barbershops which will help tackle the health inequalities faced by men from African, Caribbean, and South Asian backgrounds. 

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The Project Coordinator will work closely with barbers across Bradford and within targeted areas in Leeds (e.g. Beeston, Chapeltown, Harehills, and Holbeck).  

We will build on the rapport-building skills barbers generally have. With the help of the Lion’s Barber Collective, our project partner, participating barbers will be trained and equipped with knowledge and skills surrounding mental health and suicide. We will work to dispel the myths surrounding mental health and mental illness, and tackle stigma. 

Training will involve practical guidance (e.g., how to spot possible signs of poor mental health and how to sensitively address this etc). We will be developing this together with barbers as a ‘good practice guide’.

Additionally, a directory of local services will be distributed in order for the barbers to be able to signpost their customers who need additional support. 

Barbershops are generally considered to be a safe communal space, a community hub, and ultimately, a place of belonging. Because of this, men from the above-mentioned diverse communities often tend to have good relationships with their barbers. Thus, through this project, it’s anticipated that a significant number of men from these communities will be reached; men who likely would not be reached otherwise. 

If you’re interested in getting involved with our Barber Project, please contact or call 0113 305 5800