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Private Practice Counselling

At Leeds Mind, we offer one-to-one private practice counselling to all Leeds residents.

Talking therapies can be beneficial to people who are going through mental health difficulties or facing challenges in life.

We offer clients 10 weekly sessions at either £60 or £30 per session, depending on what you can afford.

Our appointments are face-to-face in Horsforth, Leeds, or we can offer virtual or telephone appointments as required.

Leeds Mind counselling is available to individuals aged 18 or over.

Sessions are available at various times Tuesdays – Thursdays up until 8pm (last session starting at 7pm).

Please find our referral form below. This includes our Terms and Conditions – please read these carefully.

If you have any queries, please contact us on or 0113 305 5800 (Leeds Mind reception).

Emails will be responded to within two working days. Working days for admin support is Monday to Thursday.

About counselling

If you are experiencing difficulties with your mental health or if you are just struggling to make sense of things, seeing a counsellor might be the right option for you.

You may have a specific issue you want to discuss, or you may want to explore your thoughts and feelings more generally.

We offer person-centred counselling, from a dedicated team of counsellors. Our team has a wide range of experiences, backgrounds and expertise, and we will always try to match you with the best counsellor to suit your needs.

You should be aware that counselling can be a difficult and challenging process, but if you are willing to engage you could find it to be very beneficial.

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Our counselling fees

Our counselling sessions cost £60, which is in line with current UK averages. We have a limited number of low-cost counselling sessions available, at £30 per session.

We do not receive funding to run this service, therefore, we only have a certain number of our low-cost sessions available for those who are not able to afford the full cost of counselling.

There is high demand for our low-cost sessions and therefore a longer waiting list for these. On the referral form you can state if you are in a position to pay the higher option. By doing this, you will be helping us to make counselling more accessible for other people.

You can indicate on the referral form if you would like to request low-cost sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we access the Leeds Mind counselling service as a couple?

No – Leeds Mind offers a one-to-one counselling service. We are not able to work with couples.

Are there any free sessions available?

We do not receive funding to deliver these sessions. Therefore, as a charity, we are not able to offer sessions free of charge. This is because the income we make from our counselling service pays for the service to run.

Can I have fewer than 10 sessions?

We work to a model of 10 sessions, with the expectation you can complete all 10 sessions. If you wish to stop sessions, we ask you to do so as soon as possible, at least one week prior to your next session. As a charity, this is the only way we can afford to offer this service.

I can't come to all of my sessions. What does this mean?

We will not be able to assign you a counsellor if you cannot attend all 10 sessions.

If you cancel a session, you will be charged for the session you miss and you will not be able to take that session at a later date. Please see the Terms and Conditions for further information.

Can I have my sessions fortnightly, instead of weekly?

Sessions are held weekly. We do not offer fortnightly appointments.

Are your counsellors qualified?

The team consists of fully qualified counsellors and some volunteers who offer their skills as part of their training.

Our qualified team of counsellors work directly for us. This way, we ensure a high quality and professional counselling experience.

Some of our counsellors are still in training, but you can be assured that we require very high standards of therapeutic competence.

All our counsellors receive a high level of support to carry out their roles.

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

We keep our referrals open all the time to help with accessibility. This means that we have a waiting list of clients awaiting allocation. This is not a service that is suitable for immediate or urgent support.

The wait time from making a referral to being offered a counsellor will be between 1-6 months depending on your requirements and counsellor availability.

Those waiting for low-cost sessions will often wait significantly longer due to higher demand.

Please be as flexible as possible in order for us to assign you a counsellor as soon as possible.

Can you offer any other types of therapy (e.g. CBT or EMDR)

We do not currently offer other types of therapy. Whilst our Counsellors are Integrative, the core to our approach is person-centred.

Can I get support to refer myself?

If you need help completing the referral you can ask a friend, family member or support worker to do this with you. Or you can ring us and we’ll do this over the phone where possible or send you a paper copy of our referral form.

I am a professional - can I make a referral?

No – we only accept self-referrals. If appropriate, you can support someone to refer themselves.

I have a question - what should I do?

If you have any queries, please contact us on or 0113 305 5800. Emails will be responded to within two working days.