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From 1st April, Leeds Mind’s Inkwell Arts groups will sadly no longer be running in the community.

This is because from April 2024, the service is not being re-funded. There are many funding cuts in the city at the moment and unfortunately, Inkwell is one of those that has been cut. Read more about the changes here

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Inkwell Arts

Inkwell Arts is the creative wellbeing service from Leeds Mind.

Through the arts, we support our community in discovering the link between creativity and wellbeing, helping them to look after their mental health for the longterm.

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“Focusing on art and creativity is a respite from being ill”

Our offer

Here is a peek at some of the activities that we do in different communities and organisations in and around Leeds. Click the image to enlarge the gallery.

Acute inpatient services

Inkwell receives funding from LYPFT (Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust), enabling us to help individuals suffering with their mental health at various stages of their recovery.

We provide weekly workshops on the wards at The Becklin Centre (St. James’ Hospital) and The Newsam Centre (Seacroft Hospital) in acute inpatient services.

We believe it’s important to encourage individuals to engage with creative wellbeing activities at this stage, and to ensure they are aware of what is available for them within the community when they are discharged from services.

Rehabilitation and Recovery Inpatient Services

As well as providing creative wellbeing workshops at the services above, we have also introduced Rehabilitation and Recovery services to our offer. We understand that the space between acute services and the community can be a big step, and often individuals need more time to recover. We have recently been providing regular workshops at Asket House and Asket Croft.

Open Community Workshops

Inkwell Arts has been providing workshops within the community in Chapel Allerton for many years, so with our new outreach offer, we want to ensure existing and new service users still have open spaces to attend creative wellbeing workshops, whatever stage they’re at in their mental health journey. Some of our community workshops include –

  • Tuesday Art and Felting Group at Stainbeck Church
  • Craft Together at Woodhouse Community Centre
  • Over 60s Art Group (RVS) at Meanwood Community Centre
  • Art and Cooking workshops at New Wortley Community Centre

To make a referral for yourself or someone else, please contact

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Our other workshops

Inkwell often provides one-off or occasional creative wellbeing workshops for services and organisations. These include, but are not limited to, some of the below –

  • Garforth Residential Care Homes – St Armand’s and The Hollies
  • Basis Yorkshire
  • Leeds University
  • Leeds Mind Suicide Bereavement Service
  • Leeds Mind monthly staff and volunteer Workshops

To find out more about bespoke workshops for your company or organisation, please email

What’s On?

Please see all available groups and workshops listed below.

Please note that we are not currently accepting any new referrals.

Should you have any questions, please contact 


Date and time


Details and booking

Self-Directed Art Group
Every Tuesday, 10am - 1pm
Stainbeck URC Church, Stainbeck Road, Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton, LS7 2PP
£5 - all materials included. Referral required. No drop ins.Book here
Felting Workshop
Every Tuesday, 10am - 1pm
Stainbeck URC Church, Stainbeck Road, Stainbeck Lane, Chapel Allerton, LS7 2PP
£5 - all materials included. Referrals only. No drop ins.Book here
Wednesday Art Group for Over 60s
Wednesdays 1pm - 2.45pm
Meanwood Community Centre, Stainbeck Avenue, Meanwood, LS7 2QU
£4 per session - all materials included. Over 60s only. Booking required through the Royal Voluntary Service. Please call 0113 887 3597
Craft Together.
Thursdays, 1-3pm
Woodhouse Community Centre, 197 Woodhouse Street, Woodhouse, Leeds, LS6 2NY
22nd February - Geli Plate Printing / 29th February - Candle Making / 7th March - Never Ending CardBook here

How to book

Please note that we are not accepting any new referrals at the moment.

If you have any questions, please contact

For employers and organisations

Inkwell provides creative wellbeing workshops for employers and organisations. In the past we have worked with the likes of Forward Leeds and LASSN (Leeds Asylum Seekers Support Network) to provide engaging, fun and inclusive away days, with workshops including candle making, weaving, tie dye, cyanotypes and much more. This is a great way for employers to take a positive approach towards mental health at work.

Please email to discuss your needs and pricing options.

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Meet the team


What I love about my job

Being able to share my love and passion for creative wellbeing with the wider Leeds community. I love seeing our service users get excited about and feel proud of the amazing work they create in our sessions.

What I love to do outside of work

I love spending time at home with my family and going for long dog walks in the park. I play in a band and enjoy going to gigs in Leeds. I enjoy watching documentaries, especially true crime, and love the horror genre!

How I look after my mental wellbeing

I always make time for some relaxing self-care to unwind after work. I find cooking to be extremely therapeutic and enjoy spending time in nature, especially during camping trips.


What I love about my job

There’s a really great feeling that you get when you can help people. I love how differently everyone expresses themselves in the workshops, it’s so inspiring.

What I love to do outside of work

I love spending time in the garden and in nature generally. The cycle of life fascinates me. And when the daylight hours have gone, I love nothing more than sitting down with a ball of yarn, a hook or some needles and a good documentary or true crime show.

How I look after my mental wellbeing

All of the above definitely help. Aside from those, being surrounded by people that I care about and who share the same sentiment, hanging out with my pets, going for walks in the country, and making essential oil potions for hour-long baths and fragranced evenings.