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WorkPlace Leeds

Employment Support

Our Individual Placement and Support Service (IPS) aims to help you find a paid and competitive job. Our IPS Employment Specialist will help you prepare for work through job coaching, employment workshops and CV building. We can help you find employment based on your preferences, and work with local employers to find the job you want. Support doesn’t end once a job has been found; we provide ongoing support for you and your employer that helps you thrive throughout your employment journey.

What our support includes:
  • Regular one-one support, advice and guidance with a Mental Health Employment Specialist
  • Developing an action plan to achieve your workplace goals
  • CV building and support with application forms and interview preparation
  • Access to our Job Clubs, employability workshops and courses
  • Support identifying and contacting employers to tap into the hidden job market
  • Training opportunities
  • Ongoing in work support once you are in work
  • Access to our dedicated IT service
  • Building your confidence to engage with employers
  • Benefits advice e.g. better off calculator
  • Supporting you to manage your mental health, leading up to and whilst in work

Am I eligible for Employment Support?

Are you aged 18+?

Are you currently receiving support from a Leeds Secondary Care Mental Health Service or Adults and Health Day Opportunities?

Do you want to enter paid employment?

Please speak with your mental health support provider and ask to be referred to WorkPlace Leeds; or give us a call on 0113 230 2631.

Professional referrals

Clinicians working in a Leeds Secondary Care Mental Health Service or Support Workers from Adults and Health Mental Health Day Opportunities Services can refer a client to WorkPlace Leeds for Employment or Job Retention Support.

Please email, with the following form completed and attached.

Alternatively, please call 0113 230 2631 for support with making a referral.

Referral form for professionals

“It seemed like whether it was work or outside work or mental health I don’t think there was an area where they were not ever able to help me.”