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LGBTQIA+ Mental Health Support in Leeds


This is information for LGBTQIA+ people living in and around Leeds, on where they can access inclusive and safe mental health support.

We celebrate LGBTQIA+ identities because we know that being proud of who you are – whoever you are, and whoever you love – can play a big part in helping our mental wellbeing.

We also know that the stigma and discrimination that still exists means that we in the LGBTQIA+ community are at greater risk of mental health difficulties; in fact, we’re two to three times more likely than straight people and/or people who identify to the gender given to them at birth.

2018 reports from LGBTQIA+ rights charity Stonewall found that:

  • Over half of the LGBTQIA+ people they spoke to had experienced depression in the last year (with a further 10% believing they may have experienced it too)
  • Rates of depression were higher for trans people (67%)
  • Rates in non-binary people were higher still, at 70%
  • People who are bi are 13% more likely to experience depression than people who identify as gay or lesbian

It’s important to remember that we might have mental health difficulties that relate to some other factor in our lives – it may have nothing to do with a queer identity. Equally, some LGBTQIA+ people may never have experienced any mental health difficulties.

Leeds Mind’s mental health support for LGBTQIA+ people

We aim to be inclusive, accommodating and welcoming to all in every one of our services, including counselling, creative wellbeing (Inkwell Arts), young people’s support, Suicide Bereavement Services and more. 

Specific projects exclusively for LGBTQIA+ people:

Open Minds 

This is an opportunity to explore the relationship between your identity and your mental health, challenge stigma and discrimination, and learn ways to look after, speak up for and celebrate yourself.

This course has been designed with and for LGBTQIA+ people for whom identity has an impact.
For more information, upcoming course dates and times and for how to book on, please visit our peer support page.
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Places to find more support

In Leeds, there are other support and communities available for LGBTQIA+ people. You can find these collated on Mindwell’s website.

There’s lots of information and advice about LGBTQIA+ mental health on Mind’s website – for example, info on LGBTQIA+ mental healthLGBT+ experiences, and info on supporting someone who is LGBTQIA+.

I now have more confidence and accept who I am,

which I could never do before.

If you’re interested in learning more about any of our services, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

0113 305 5800