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We couldn’t do what we do without our passionate and generous corporate partners. As a small way to say thank you, we’re shining a spotlight on some of the great work being done in the name of better mental health for all. 

The team at Leeds Mind is lucky enough to work with Leeds-based business change management partner, Perform Partners. This award-winning consultancy goes beyond traditional methods to offer personalised support that truly understands each client’s unique needs and journey. Perform Partners has been making waves since October 2018, from its roots in Yorkshire to its international reach overseas. 

Their independent team of agnostic experts specialises in optimising the trifecta of people, processes, and technology to support positive, sustainable change. What sets Perform Partners apart is their down-to-earth human approach. They’re known for their professional acumen, but their human touch wins over and retains their clients, solving business problems with people. 

Perform Partners has been a steadfast supporter of Leeds Mind since 2020 – and we can’t thank them enough for their kindness and enthusiasm for achieving better mental health in and across Leeds. 

The ways that the teams at Perform Partners have been involved are many and varied. Take a peek below at just some of the support that they have offered to Leeds Mind. 


Bright Ideas! 

The team at Perform Partners certainly are a creative lot, and one of their first (and most remarkable!) ideas was the offer of a data solution system called ‘Yorkshire Cloud in a Jar’, which jokingly offered a secure and portable data ‘cloud’ for just £5.99! A charming April Fools’ press release, this clever and Yorkshire-focused idea raised over £550 for Leeds Mind – and made us all chuckle at the same time! 

Another highlight would be inviting Leeds Mind to take part in Perform Partners ‘All Things Change’ podcast, where we were invited to chat about ‘Change in Mental Health Awareness and the Importance of Culture for Mental Wellbeing’. Starting conversations about mental health is so important to creating a culture where everyone can feel safe and nurtured, so this was a wonderful opportunity for Leeds Mind. 


Joining in! 

Leeds Mind has lots of exciting activities to get involved with on our Fundraising Events Calendar, and Perform Partners has certainly made the most of these fun days! 

From running the Leeds 10K, to tackling the muddy obstacles of Total Warrior, to walking over hot coals at the Firewalk (twice!), the team at Perform Partners have been with us through it all, and right in the thick of it! 

Not only this, but donating to appeals such as ‘Add Colour To Someone’s Christmas’ has meant that Leeds Mind have always known that Perform Partners were in our corner, committing to helping their local community at each possible opportunity. 


Helping us to do more! 

As well as all this, Perform Partners became a sponsor of the Leeds Mind’s 50th Birthday Party, which gathered our amazing supporters together for an evening of celebration, dinner, dancing, talks and fundraising – and we were pleased to welcome the Perform Partners team there too! It wouldn’t have been the same without them. 

Sponsorship of our events means that we can fundraise and raise awareness within our communities in exciting, creative and successful ways. Leeds Mind’s 50th Birthday Party raised over £17,000 for the charity, which simply wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful sponsors. 

All this amazing help has amounted to almost £10,000 raised by Perform Partners, as well as the invaluable feeling of support and community that they offer to us. All those little extras – like inviting us along to coffee mornings and joining the Leeds Mindful Employer Network – means that Perform Partners feels like an extension of the Leeds Mind team. 

Kristy Dean from Perform Partners, said:  “We are passionate about supporting Leeds Mind and the invaluable work they do. It’s a cause that resonates with us profoundly as we strive to ensure that such critical support and resources are accessible to everyone. By partnering with Leeds Mind, we are committed to not only raising funds but also raising awareness about mental well-being and making time to create opportunities to talk. We want to shine a light on the importance of mental health services and ensure that no one has to feel alone in their struggles. Our collaboration is more than a partnership; it’s a friendship and shared mission to uplift, support, and empower every individual in our community to find the support they need when they need it.” 

We look forward to seeing what comes next in our relationship – and something tells us we will be seeing a lot more from the Perform Partners team throughout 2024!