THRU (Talk, Help, Relate, Understand) is an award winning Leeds Mind peer support project.

We offer peer support group work for young people aged between 14 and 25 for up to 6 months.

We also work with a range of education providers across Leeds to provide peer support for students.

We are excited to be adding a new course, THRU+, to our offer. This provides young people aged 16+ with skills to help navigate the transition from childhood to adulthood, and from children’s to adult services.

"I feel like I fit in somewhere for the first time."

THRU groups are a space to meet with other young people to share how you’re feeling and to develop new ways of managing your mental health. Together we work on things like managing stress, confidence building and self esteem.
The group gives you an opportunity to:

  • -Meet others and have fun with those who have similar experiences
  • -Share your experiences in a safe, non-judgemental space
  • -Develop skills to help manage your mental health and wellbeing
  • -Be supported by trained staff and volunteers who have experienced mental health difficulties themselves
What is peer support?


“[THRU+]  has actually convinced me to start asking for help again as I feel I have more tools to do so”

What is THRU+?

THRU+ is a 6 week peer support course to support the transition from childhood to adulthood, covering the following topics:

  • Adult services
  • Advocating for myself
  • Employment and mental health
  • Money
  • Food and wellbeing
  • Real self care

“I learned that others have very similar experiences, and also how to go in with the right aims, prep and questions when advocating for myself “

Who is THRU+ for?

THRU+ is for young people in Leeds aged 16 or over who may be:

  • Leaving child services
  • Leaving education
  • Entering employment
  • Moving away from home
  • Trying to become financially independent
  • Entering adult relationships
  • Feeling overwhelmed by life
  • Struggling to find a balance between responsibilities and self care

“[THRU+ gave me] confidence to speak to managers about my… needs.”

When and where is THRU?

Weekly groups

  • Mondays, 5-7pm, Leeds city centre (18-25 years)
  • Tuesdays, 5-6:30pm, online (14-17 years)
  • Thursdays, 5-7pm, online (18-25 years)

Click here if you would like to join one of our weekly THRU groups

THRU+ courses (16 years and over)

  • Please contact us if you are interested in THRU+ and we will let you know when the next available course is.

“THRU has changed my mindset on going to groups. I imagined the worst case scenarios but it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.”

How do I join THRU?

If you’re interested in joining one of our weekly THRU groups, please complete this form. Before joining the group you will have a meeting either in person or online with one of the THRU team, and then attend a short introduction session to experience peer support first hand.

If you’re interested in joining a THRU+ course, please complete this form.

If you would like more information, please email or call 0113 305 5800 to chat to a member of our friendly team.

If you are a professional, parent or carer wanting to make a referral for a young person or to find out more about THRU, please contact us via the details listed above.

Nervous about joining?

If you have any worries about joining THRU, our team are happy to have a chat either via email, text, video chat or on the phone.

We are also happy to welcome others (a professional you’re currently working with, a parent or a supporter) as part of the introduction session if this would help you to feel more comfortable.

Give us a callSend us an email

Meet the THRU team



Hello! I’m Amy and I’m one of the Peer Support Group and Development Workers for THRU.

THRU has recently received funding to expand the age range of young people we support, and my new role involves facilitating groups for 14 – 17 year olds as well as delivering peer support in education settings.

I began working for Leeds Mind in February 2020 as a Peer Support Champion. It was during this time I first tried peer support for myself and found it to be a wonderful experience. Attending groups has helped me manage my anxiety, particularly as it offers a safe space for me to talk about my mental health without feeling shame, something I’ve found to be very healing. I feel lucky that I’m now able to facilitate this for others.

Before Leeds Mind I worked freelance as a photographer, filmmaker and writer, spending most of my time running creative workshops for adults and young people and working on community projects across Yorkshire.



Hello my name is Helen 🙂 and I am a peer support group and development worker at Leeds Mind.

I have been working with the service for just over 2 years, facilitating on our core programme of mental health and wellbeing-focused workshops and courses. As well as leading on THRU (Talk, Help, Relate & Understand), our young people’s peer support project. I came to peer support personally several years ago, as a group member then volunteer, and I am still here now because of how wonderful the environment it is at Leeds Mind. Connecting with other people through peer support was an extremely powerful experience for me, which helped to rebuild my confidence after a period of being mentally unwell and allowed me to find work again. For me connecting with others honestly through sharing has a transformative power, and it excites me that I get explore this model particularly with young people, not only supporting them, but learning so much myself from them on how to stay mentally well.


Hi! I’m Alex. I’ve been working with Leeds Mind as a Group and Development worker since April 2019 but for years before that I was a volunteer and, originally, a group member.

When I first encountered peer support with Leeds Mind I was struggling with depression and anxiety. Due to my anxiety, I really didn’t think groups would work for me, but over the years peer support has helped me build my self-esteem, feel more connected with others and learn how to cope and talk about my mental health and it continues to be a big part of how I manage my wellbeing. Outside of Leeds Mind, I enjoy watching films and reading books which are, not always but often, of the spooky/crime variety and I’m an avid Leeds United fan.