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To celebrate Black History Month, Leeds Mind and Touchstone staff met to talk about their own experiences of being Black, the impact of Black Lives Matter and their hopes for a better world – and the music is brilliant too!

Big thanks to our own Mahalia and Valerie for participating in the conversation, alongside Simone and Abi from Touchstone. Thanks also to Alison from Touchstone and Tony from Chapel FM Arts for facilitating the chat. We’d encourage you all to have a listen as it gives five individual viewpoints which may resonate with our Black community, and perhaps educate others who aim to be better anti-racist allies.

During the course of the discussion, there are points raised that show we have further to go as an organisation before we are doing enough to be actively anti-racist, and as truly inclusive as we outline in our organisational values. We hope through our work with our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion working group and inclusively-designed services we are starting to make progress in this area, but as ever if you have any comments or suggestions please contact us on