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Leeds Mind is very excited to be bringing back #CarryTheBurden for 2021!

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The campaign promotes awareness around mental health difficulties and raises money towards our vital work. Participants carry an item of their choosing for 24hours in recognition of the invisible burden that a mental health difficulty can represent.  

#CarryTheBurden2021 runs throughout May 2021, coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Week, which runs 10th – 16th May 2021. 

We created the campaign during 2020 when many of our fundraising events were cancelled, and we had to find a creative way for our community to be able to support us under the constraints of lockdowns and social distancing.  

Helen Kemp, Chief Executive of Leeds Mind, said: “Carry The Burden had such a great response during 2020 that we knew we wanted to bring it back for this year.  

“Last year we saw people carrying everything from saxophones and teddy bears, to inflatables, books and globes. You name it, someone probably carried it around for 24hours in the name of better mental health for all! 

“Even better, it sparked conversations about mental health. At a time when so many of us were struggling with the impact of the pandemic, people started by asking what our participants were up to, and this usually led to relating in some way – whether it was about their own mental health, or that of a friend or family member. 

Ahead of the campaign starting on 1st May 2021, we want to get as many people as possible planning ahead for getting involved. So have a look in your diary now and see which date in May you can earmark to take on the challenge! 

To get involved: 

  • Choose your item 
  • Keep us posted when you do your challenge in May 
  • Donate and nominate 

Your item could be something that signifies something to do with mental health (e.g. a paint palette to represent the benefits of art to mental wellbeing) or it could be fun and attention-grabbing (e.g. a giant unicorn teddy!) 

If you have any questions, please contact  or if you would like to donate and help support the work we do please visit